The journey of photography is a long and winding road. It beckons me forward. To where, I know not.

My journey began as a very visual child who captured everything she saw on a small Kodak Disc camera. As life and responsibility pushed in, I eventually forgot the hobbies of my childhood. My passion would not be revived until 1996, when an old friend introduced me to an SLR camera.

For years I studied and practiced, growing my skills; but something was lacking. My images failed to convey emotions or ideas. Unfocused and discouraged, I set the camera aside for 4 years.

One day, while walking in a beautiful garden, I was closely observing a flower. Absorbed in its color and form, the way the light changed the value in the petals from light to dark; I was hypnotized. My first true passion for photography emerged. Color and light would be my muse. I discovered abstract floral photography.

As I continue to hone my skills in macro abstract art, new passions are welling up in me. A desire to tell stories through images--to cause the viewer to contemplate deep ideas.